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is this connected to a CMS?

No, the item is not connected toa CMS. Please do not purchase it thinking it's related to anything of that sorts. This is a site template, you can however connect it to a CMS yourself or hire someone to do the conversion for you

Can I make an app out of this?

Our item use HTML and CSS, you can convert them to apps using PhoneGap or Cordova, but we do not provide support for conversion. Converting the item to an Application is up to the customer. Please note, using our apps for application stores requires you to purchase an extended license.

Is the documentation awesome?

Our documentations are built on the main features of each item, explaining them clearly and easily. Anything left outisde of the documentation are elements that you simple duplicate by copy pasting a class, and replacing the text and image with yours.

Do you provide awesome support?

Yes, we provide awesome support! We provide support only for the main purpose of the item that being a Site Template, and we will gladly help and explain if you don't understand how any feature works or if you need more coaching with things we omitted from the documentation.

Can you add extra features?

Sure we can! If you need somethig specific done for you, please contact us through our profile page or our support page and we'll gladly help you with these for a freelance fee. Customization services are not included in the default Envato Support pack.

Are these the only pages included?

Of course not! Be sure to look at the sitemap page because we packed in a TONE of extra pages, pages you may just want or absolutely need. There are well over 50 pages in total!

Can I use it for Desktops screens?

We do not provide support for the item outside it's purpose, and that purpose is a Mobile and Tablet Site Template. If you consider using it for Desktops or larger screens the required alterations are up to you!

I have no idea how to edit this. Help?

Of course! But these are considered customization services, we'll gladly assist you in modifying, adding pages adding your own content, changing different stuff in the item, but please keep in mind these will be charged at negotiable freelance fees!

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